Big life changes start with small steps. In today’s world, everyone is looking for the quick fix, the latest fad, or the coolest trends to get in physical shape. But not all gyms are created equally and not all workout styles lead to positive results. Here, we will detail the benefits of working with a professional Fitness Trainer and how our personal training style differs from many current fitness trends.


Personal Fitness Training:

At Jesse James Fit, our team is filled with life changers who live and breathe fitness. Evident by our personal training staff, we practice what we preach. Whether it be fitness competitors, Spartan athletes, or losing 300 pounds and walking after 17 years, everyone on our team has their own story and they started somewhere just like many of our clients and members.

Personal Training certifications aren’t quick or easy to obtain. They require extensive training on anatomy, nutrition, body mechanics, muscle building, and performing exercises to reach a desired result safely. But wait, there’s more! Beyond the initial Personal Training certification, many on our team have extended their knowledge-base and specialize in corrective training, senior training, stability, balance, athletics, coaching, and mentoring. The versatility of Personal Training goes beyond a workout. At Jesse James Fit, we help members and clients make life-long changes through intention and planning, rather than simply providing a good workout.


Backed by Science:

Everyone needs a little versatility in their life. The same goes for your workouts. At Jesse James Fit we use over 7 different modalities of training in our workouts to create an anaerobic and aerobic training state. In 30 minutes our HIIT style of training keeps the heart rate up and the body fat burning. The days of 2 hours in the gym are over as science has proven that short bursts of anaerobic training builds more muscle and burns more body fat providing faster results. With the versatility of our training structure & multi-joint movements, our workouts never get boring and challenge our members every single day. It’s been scientifically proven that the best way to avoid a plateau is to shock the muscles by utilizing different training styles and movement patterns during exercise. Members who have been consistently training with us for years have seen faster results than other methods as well as have had a ton of fun along the way.


Current Trends:

Some of the current fitness trends over the last 5 years tend to overlook quality & intent of movement, fixating on speeding through exercises contribute to a risk for injury. The focus should be more so on proper technique and quality of an exercise performed, rather than its speed. Personal Training focuses on quality of movement and utilizing all fibers of the muscle which ultimately is a more effective & efficient workout. Simply stated, completing as many reps a fast as you can with as much weight as you can is not a sustainable, life-long style of training if you plan to exercise the rest of your life. After weeks of yanking, swinging, flailing, jerking, and jumping the body wears down and injury becomes a more possible outcome. If you ever find yourself in a position where “crushing today’s workout” means potential lifelong physical injury, stop and consider a different routine or gym. Avoiding injury and training smart keeps you in the game (and the gym) far longer than the opposite, which should always be your top priority!


To learn more about how our world-class personal trainers can help make a difference in your life, contact us today on our website or give us a call at 972-335-2639. We would love the opportunity to connect with you and help develop a plan to help accomplish your fitness goals!