When it comes to weight loss and a total body and lifestyle transformation, no one is beyond hope and it’s never too late to start! Unfortunately, in today’s busy and hectic world, most people can’t see how a dedicated fitness regimen can fit into their schedule. In their own mind, they’re either too busy, too tired, or too old. Misconceptions like these can keep anyone discouraged and far removed from all things fitness-related. A personal trainer can motivate you, but how can you find the ambition to actually get up off the couch and sign up? That’s where testimonials like Amy’s and Marilyn’s come into play. In the following excerpt, Amy explains how she went from being too busy, too tired, and too old, to believing in herself and seeing amazing results!

“After having my 2nd child, I knew I had to do something to change my body. My kids were born 18 months apart, so I did not have much time to recoup. I decided to get serious about my health and started training with my trainer. … I have had nothing but amazing results since I started training in July. I am down 26 lbs.* and countless inches! I went from a size 14 jeans after my second child to a size 4!…Because of my trainer, I have energy and a passion about fitness….He knows my body and me well, so he knows when I am slacking or if I really cannot do something…(My trainer) believes in me, and now I believe in me too!” Amy

Making the decision to embark on a life-transforming journey can bring about uncertainty and trepidations. People often wonder if they have what it takes, if they are dedicated enough, or if personal training is even right for them. At the end of the day, it all comes down to weight loss motivation and results. What starts as weariness and apprehension can ultimately lead to a new life, longevity, and happiness.  In the case of Robert and Marilyn, taking a chance with a personal trainer and putting in the time and effort led to an end-result that money can’t buy.

“When working with my trainer, my posture improved after approximately 3 sessions. I lost pounds and inches within 6 weeks.* The strength in my arms, legs, and shoulders has improved. I am traveling today with a heavy suitcase, and I notice that I have improved strength. I climb stairs easier, and clothes are fitting better. This is JOY!” Marilyn

“The trainers were always there to help me and encourage me to keep going. I felt comfortable working out at JJF as it’s like a family environment, it was a safe place that encouraged growth. I kept telling myself that this was my last opportunity at success and would wake up every morning feeling better than the last. After my body adjusted to the new lifestyle, I could not get enough. I would see fellow clients doing a challenging lift and I wanted to do that, no matter how hard. I feel like a new man, the best version of myself. I have energy all day, I am engaging with my wife and boys, like never before and appreciating the relationships around me. I don’t just sit around anymore, I want to be doing something productive. I started cooking more at home even trying baking. Nothing is unreachable and now I have the confidence to tackle anything ahead of me.” Robert

Countless people around the world struggle each and every day to find weight loss motivation. Luckily at Jesse James Fit, we have a dedicated team of life changers that specialize in helping people of all backgrounds and fitness levels achieve their goals. It all starts with motivation. From there, the sky is the limit!

*Results vary from person to person