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Elite Trainer

Jesse James is a Texas-based elite trainer and fitness industry expert with over 25 years of experience. He is widely recognized for his proprietary training style where he coaches his clients on bettering not only their body but their mindset and nutrition habits all within his in-person, 30-minute functional interval training sessions. His program has made it easier for everyone to afford and get fit with personal training. Visit Jesse at Outlaw FitCamp by Jesse James in Flower Mound, TX.

Fitness Business Coach

For two decades, Jesse experimented with several different fitness business models, developing upon the strengths and learning from the weaknesses of each and every one. He has since perfected the model he now uses for his studio Outlaw FitCamp by Jesse James – a top winning weight-loss center and physical training facility that he has successfully franchised. Jesse coaches entrepreneurs that join his system. Between your skillset and Jesse’s proven method, your Outlaw FitCamp will be a success.

Motivational Speaker

Jesse has helped thousands of people change their lives through health and fitness as an elite professional trainer. He’s been broke, lived in his car, and has lost everything he cared for at one point in his life, and yet, he powered through and turned his life around. He overcame the ghetto and made something of himself. He is now an overcomer, a game-changer, and focused on helping others. Mindset is EVERYTHING. You can do hard things if you have the dedication and motivation to within you.


every personal trainer starts out with a dream, jesse makes sure you achieve it!

Build a Business that Changes People’s Lives and Makes You Money.

Jesse’s unique system is designed, not only for your business success but your success as a leader. Join the family and gain Jesse’s mentorship. His time-tested business systems provide the right amount of accountability and guidance for your business to flourish.


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Jesse’s Personal Story

“you have to take consistent aggressive action to get a final result”

I help others change

their lives for the better.

keynote speaking

Jesse is passionate about speaking on overcoming adversary by changing how you view the world starting with how you think and react to it. Learn how to develop a positive mindset for success.

fireside chats

Bring in Jesse James for a fireside, small-group chat. Learn tips and tricks to owning your story and future success in a more intimate setting, perfect for individual goals, business start-ups or career guidance.

Fitness Q&A

Learn from the best! With over 25 years of experience and thousands of clients coached, Jesse can answer questions about Fitness, Business, Marketing, Mindset, Growth, and Leadership!

mentally fit individuals make better leaders.

It takes GRIT.

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