Let’s get fired up!

An authentic surge of motivation will change your life immediately. The best part of my day is seeing clients just like you achieve amazing results. Whether you drop a few sizes, lose the baby weight, get off your blood pressure meds, or shrink your waist, the excitement is always contagious. It’s hard to describe that euphoria that settles in once … Read More

The only trend that matters

Do you keep up with new trends in the world of fitness? There always seems to be a headline proclaiming the latest and greatest trend, each promising to be the solution that you’ve always needed. Of course, these trends pass with the seasons, quickly being replaced with something newer and more popular. Today I’d like you to consider the only … Read More

shredded and satisfying chicken recipes

Slow, simple, shredded, and satisfying describes this week’s delicious recipes!  With just a handful of ingredients tossed together in your crockpot, you can come home to flavorful chicken ready to shred and enjoy as a main course, tossed into a salad, or skillet meal and leftovers for fast meals in the coming days.  Meal time does not need to be … Read More

Getting Summer Ready Means Starting Sooner Than Later

Spring has sprung, the weather is warming up, and you just realized that you are nowhere close to being ready to wear a bathing suit. Luckily, you are not alone. Many people find themselves wanting to get in shape, trim some fat, and build some lean muscle all in time for those brutally hot, summer months. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake … Read More

New Year 2018 Transformation 6 week challenge results

Each year Jesse James Fit & Outlaw Bootcamp’s members across all locations join in a 6 week transformation challenge. Our challenge tests the limits of one’s willpower with a custom designed meal plan for each challenger. Nutrition knowledge, unlimited bootcamp classes, support and encouragement during our 6 week program is sure to deliver results year after year, season after season. … Read More

Your Workout As Told By GIFs

You debate if you should workout or keep binging Netflix But you decide to go at the last second The whole way there you pray it’s not leg day Then it turns out to be leg day 30 burpees, 50 squat kicks and 75 lunges later Finally, a quick water break  Then you start eyeing that clock But your trainer … Read More

The most important healthy eating tip

There’s a lot of talk today about the importance of eating healthy. You hear it from your doctor, on the news, in magazines and online. The consensus is clear: in order to have your best body in good health, you must eat healthy. Unfortunately for most, healthy eating is a confusing concept. There’s so much contradicting information out there about what is or … Read More

Is A Weight Loss Program Right For Me?

For many, losing weight is viewed as a strenuous and dreadful process. In fact, one of the main reasons people abandon their own personal weight loss programs is because of the lack of quick results. But what if you had an expert to guide you along the way and help you achieve results surprisingly quickly? Here, we will detail the … Read More

The Benefits of Personal Training

Big life changes start with small steps. In today’s world, everyone is looking for the quick fix, the latest fad, or the coolest trends to get in physical shape. But not all gyms are created equally and not all workout styles lead to positive results. Here, we will detail the benefits of working with a professional Fitness Trainer and how … Read More

Easiest fitness hack that you’re not doing

It’s the time of year for focusing on fitness, health, and self-improvement; and, as to be expected, I’m busier than ever with clients looking to shed pounds and to take the New Year by storm. I love seeing this renewed enthusiasm for fitness and the surge of motivation in the air! I hope that you’re feeling it too. What’s not … Read More