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Jesse James Fit

Our Personal Trainers are the Best

At Jesse James Fit, we redefine the personal training experience. Every Personal Trainer at our company is hired only after excelling in a multi-level interview process and background check.

Trainers hired for our team then go through a training internship to master the Jesse James Fit proprietary training style.

You will not find a more professional training staff anywhere!

Jesse James Fit has a Fitness Plan for You

For over ten years, Jesse has not only developed a top-of-the-line studio full of success stories, but has also created a style of training the fits within a 30-minute program. Yes, 30-minute workouts are all it takes to get maximum results at Jesse James Fit!

We also offer specialized training programs based on unique client goals. We offer programs for youth, seniors, and clients seeking weight loss.

Jesse James Fit has proven results for over ten years, with thousands of satisfied clients and well over thousands of pounds lost!

Strength, Passion, Discipline

The mantra at Jesse James Fit is “Strength, Passion, Discipline.” To be successful, you must have the inner strength to overcome your struggles, the passion to be inspired each and every day, and the self-discipline to stay on track to meet your goals.

We take pride in knowing that we play a significant role in changing the lives of our clients.

Jesse James Leyva

Jesse James Leyva
President & Elite Trainer

Kay Simms

Kay Simms
Partner & Elite Trainer

Richard Hatcher

Richard Hatcher
Manager & Elite Trainer

Tiffany Leyva
Elite Trainer & Brand Ambassador

Cathy Daniels
Elite Trainer

Lee Seale
Elite Trainer

Personal Trainer Jesse James Fit

Vicki Carter
Elite Trainer

Elite Trainer & FitCamp Instructor

Jacob Glass
Elite Trainer & FitCamp Instructor

Meet Your Trainers

Every Personal Trainer at Jesse James Fit is committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Jesse James Fit is very selective. We bring only the BEST Personal Trainers in the metroplex to our team, in order to provide clients with the best life-changing experience possible. In addition to extensive professional experience and certifications, Personal Trainers at Jesse James Fit also train their clients with passion and compassion.

We support your investment in a healthier life, we celebrate with you when milestones are reached, and we share your pride when goals are achieved.

JJF Staff

Sally Hawkins
Administrative Assistant

Deidre Butler
Administrative Assistant


Work with Jesse James Fit

We take great pride in our team at Jesse James Fit, and we want our trainers to call our place home for a long time. We provide the industry’s first multi-tiered salary pay structure, and provide health benefits, vacation, and opportunity for promotion within the company.

Do You Have What It Takes To Join The Team?

Our missions at Jesse James Fit is to provide clients with the BEST life-changing experience possible. Because of this, we’re very selective in our hiring process.

To become a part of the team at Jesse James Fit, a candidate must go through a rigorous, three step, face-to-face interview process. Additionally, candidates must hold proper certifications, and undergo a background check and drug test. Finally, the right candidate must be willing to study and adopt the Jesse James Fit wellness philosophy and training methodology.

At Jesse James Fit, high customer satisfaction and experience is our number one goal. We seek candidates who have PASSION and COMPASSION for helping people adopt healthy lifestyles and lead by example. Certifications mean little without these qualities.

If you think you have what it takes to join the Jesse James Fit elite team of trainers, please contact us! 

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