New Year, New Mindset: 7 Changes for a Better, Healthier 2021

At this time last year, we were excited to begin a new year and a new decade. Jesse James Fit was working to help clients meet their fitness goals for 2020 and Outlaw FitCamp was busy opening new franchises. Then COVID-19 hit and changed everyone’s world. Through this difficult year, we’ve still been working with clients and many have found … Read More

Couples That Sweat Together Get Stronger Together

The Surprising Benefits of Exercising with Your Loved One Every single day in any part of the United States, you’ll find people working out at fitness clubs, trying to find clubs or exercise programs to join, or signing up for a new fitness challenge.   Many times, these searches are solely for the person looking…but what if they considered their spouse, … Read More

The Importance of Working Out with Consistency

To accomplish your fitness goals, consistency is arguably one of the most important components.  Making a commitment to a regular workout routine increases your fitness level, improves your overall health and offers a greater sense of your mental well-being.  But what are the tricks to staying consistent?   Step One: Create a Workout Plan.   Committing to a fitness plan, … Read More

Got Stress? Get Moving.

Feeling kind of stressed? You’re not alone. Stress is an inevitable part of our modern existence. Whether you’re the president of a Fortune 500 company, a Kindergarten teacher or a construction worker, you have stress to deal with. But you don’t have to let it get the best of you. By battling stress in your day-to-day routine, you can stop … Read More

Welcome Back to Our New and Improved Fitness Facilities!

Announcing FitCamp 2.0 We don’t need to tell you that the COVID-19 virus has affected almost everyone in one form or another. For one thing, it brought businesses and services to a screeching halt, including Jesse James Fit and Outlaw FitCamp. But people need good health and fitness now more than ever, and we’re very excited to announce that not … Read More

Opening May 18th & Introducing FitCamp 2.0

We are so excited to be openings our doors back up next Monday, May 18th!  We’re committed to our obligation for the safety and wellbeing of our members and the communities that we serve. We believe the world of training has changed for good. We’ve made the necessary improvements and are leading the change for group fitness exercise. Our improvements … Read More

Fitness Lasagna

A great way to reduce the calories in your day is to eat healthier versions of your favorite dinners. This lasagna is the perfect example. The calories, carbs and fats in this dish have been dramatically reduced with some creative ingredient swaps. Instead of regular lasagna noodles, this recipe calls for zucchini noodles in order to sway the calorie balance … Read More

A Little Healthy Fat in Your Diet is a Good Thing?

Vitamins are a critical part of your health and it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of them daily. There are two types of vitamins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Water soluble means that the vitamins dissolve in water. This is easy since, in large part, your food and body are made up of water. These water-soluble vitamins are Vitamins B … Read More

Basic Fat Loss Math

Would you like to be 50 pounds lighter just 12 months from now? Can you image how you would look? You’d look like a whole new, younger person. It’s actually much easier than you think, and I’m not talking about invasive, costly surgery, or grueling routines. All it takes is losing one pound each week. One single pound. Let’s break … Read More

Are You Leaving These Important Things Out of Your Workout?

There’s a natural tendency to jump right into your workout and then head immediately to your car as soon as you’re finished. And who can blame you? Everyone is short on time these days. But if you practice what should be done before your workout and immediately afterwards, you’ll improve your progress and results. After all, working out isn’t easy, … Read More