Getting in peak physical shape can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. While it takes serious dedication to develop the healthiest lifestyle possible, it also takes some humor to get through the tough days; those days where you just cant seem to find any motivation. So laugh a little, unwind, and enjoy these 15 ridiculous gym gifs for anyone who’s ever worked out!


  1. When you and your personal trainer hit it off from day one.
  2. That feeling when everyone is talking about the gym on your recovery day.
  3. When the pre-workout finally kicks in.
  4. That feeling when you smash your finger in-between two weights.
  5. When someone asks you, “Do you wanna go to the gym?”
  6. How it feels trying to walk after leg day

  1. When you finally start to notice some results.

  1. When you try to squat 600 pounds and get about half way down…
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  2. After a killer workout with your personal trainer.
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  3. When you see old pictures of yourself after months of working out.
  4. How the gym looks when a bench opens up.
  5. How your personal trainer looks at you when you start accomplishing your goals.
  6. That feeling when you hit a new PR.

  1. That feeling when you’re hungover and your personal trainer says, “lets start with some cardio”
  2. How millennials work out.