Highest weight I reached was 315 pounds.

The misdiagnosis came from my attempt to show progression. They had a 5 question “yes/no” checklist they used for PTSD diagnosis back in the early days. And when I tried to answer “no” to certain questions to seem like I was getting better; they threw out the PTSD and diagnosed me as psychotic. I spent the next three years on medication I don’t need to be on and started to gain weight.

I made the change when I really started struggling with the weight and got fired from a job for the first time in my life because I would regularly take off half day to go home and sleep.

I found Jesses facilities by chance. I got let go from a company that was going bankrupt and couldn’t afford a sales account manager any longer. My ex wife knew the business partner of Clint Vinson; the owner of Merit Professional Services, who hired me and I did a month training at their HQ in Flower Mound. It just happened to be in the same office sweet as Jesse James Fit. I would pass the location every morning and finally decided to walk in.



I always wanted to compete. My first time I trained to compete was actually in Al Asad Iraq. But I got hurt about a month before the show. I never lost the desire. Well except when I was so overweight I figured the dream was gone.

Today I feel absolutely incredible. I knew I’d lose the majority of the weight eventually but I honestly never thought I’d see my dreams coming true. Let alone doing two shows back-to-back my first year to compete. Incredible is a watered down word to describe what I feel today and everyday now.